Licensing Immersion & Onboarding Training

LAFÈBRE LICENSING develops bespoke training programs for companies and brands that are new to licensing. After the training you will have an in-depth understanding of the dynamics and terminology of Brand Licensing in general and full insight of the requirements to start your successful Licensing Program.

The training includes insights on the dynamics, business models, deal terms, strategies, legal, financial and creative implications, and much more.

Licensing Opportunity Scan

A unique tool for (new) IP/brand owners who are interested in licensing but lack the knowledge and network.

The Licensing Opportunity Scan provides a  quick and unbiased assessment from licensees across all relevant categories and comes with recommendations and connections.

Mapping (coaching)

LAFÈBRE LICENSING bases coaching on mapping. By breaking down the roadmap to the desired outcome in smaller segments and asking the right critical questions, the process becomes more dynamic and manageable and the outcome more concrete. And quick; an average mapping session takes approximately 2-4 half- days.