Lafèbre Licensing

Connected IP & Brand Development

LAFÈBRE LICENSING is a Brand & Licensing company and offers expertise, experience, strategic direction and a broad and varied network. To potentially all stakeholders in the Brand Licensing industry and those closely connected to it. Ranging from licensees and licensors to agents, distributors and retailers.

adding value

It is LAFÈBRE LICENSING’s ambition to add value to the existing Brand Licensing ecosystem. Tools like the Licensing Opportunity Scan, the Licensing Immersion & Onboarding Training and mapping-based coaching can offer valuable support to both newcomers and those with established businesses in Brand Licensing.

cross disciplinary expertise

LAFÈBRE LICENSING is more than a straight-forward agent, consultant or temporary licensing project lead. It offers cross disciplinary expertise, combining 20 years of Licensing experience with a passion to build and support brands from a long-term sustainable perspective.